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  1. I have tried several searches a, I can come up with a part, using a part number or a key word. How did you find it?? Thanks, Kerry
  2. If you come across a low mile well maintained 98-00, you are still getting a great car. I love my 01, and at the time couldn't find a newer one with lower miles. With the 01 You will get e-shift controls, I use that once a year whether i need to or not...side curtain aribags and a redo on the rear lights. Here is the laundry list of changes for the 01 models from edmunds. Any of these years would do. GS 300 has new E-shift buttons on the steering wheel for manual control of the automatic transmission's shift points. On the safety front, standard side curtain airbags debut on both models
  3. My locks actuate when I take it out of park.
  4. I don't know why you have had such bad luck with all those dealers. CBEST does exist. Maybe they don't have the tool, or maybe the 430's can be adjusted. I have had it done to my own car. The service tech new exactly what I was talking about when I called. I put the link information from at the bottom. Its in the comfort and convenience section about 5 pp down. Hope this helps. Kerry mnagdee did you have you had any luck??
  5. I am having the same problem with my gs. If one of the locks fail to actuate, it will not chirp (light still flash) b/c not all of the doors are secure. I am hunting for actuators as well. I remember reading one post where someone actually removed their actuator, disassembled it and had the brushes rebuilt. Its more like $50 a door instead of $250. I am still trying to find that post. Let me know if you find an easier way.
  6. Don't know if you tt could be your C best settings. The door locks can be set to numerous configs, i.e. unlock all doors w/ one click or two w FOB, locks acutate when put in drive or a certain mph. They are set up on delivery when the car is new. You can have them changed at the stealer. Hope you get it worked out, it sounds annoying!
  7. I have had my 2001 GS300 for a couple of years now, great car, only having to perform the ususal maintenance. I priced your 99 out on edmunds, selecting the typical options for a 300...No NAV, No HID's, No ML, No Chrome wheels. (Beware of chrome wheels) I get $11,400 for retail. Unless they have documentation of all maintenece, timing belt, water pump, plugs etc, BRAND new tires and this thing is jaw dropping immaculate...$13,000 is way too much for this car. You have to remember most dealers are only going to give KBB "good" value on a trade-in, which on that car is between 7-8k. I can'
  8. Does your drivers door lock/unlock with the power lock switch on the door? If not, the actuator is probably out. I have the same problem with my passenger door. I am just waiting until it really bothers me and then I hunt up a used actuator. Hope this helps.
  9. You might want to check the cabin air filter. Dirt, leaves, bugs, ect. accumulate over time, if you don't change it regularly it will get stinky. They have been known to be neglected. Any thing you spray in the the intake vent, goes trough this filter, so that may only work for a few minutes. What year is your 400?
  10. Doja, I am having the same problem with my front passenger door. I hadn't driven the car for a week, when I went to lock the doors there was no light flash or chirp. I figured the CBEST setting had changed after not touching the car for so long and the battery had become weak. I then noticed after I would lock the car witht the FOB, I would hear it unlock. That was the passenger door. I messed with the inside lock mechanism manually, and it started working. Then on Monday it was not working again. I was a little frustrated last night, so when I locked it I held the button down a little
  11. My tires have been holding air without fail for a month. The extra work at the tire shop was worth it. Check my earlier post and give it a try.
  12. I have had the same problem with my wheels for almost a year. Lexus won't do anything exept offer you some new wheels for $350 per. Find a tire guy you know or a friend knows, maybe the guys you bought the tires from? Have them clean the inside lip of the rim with a wire wheel. Have them use a cutoff wheel to remove any peelers to the edge of the rim. Use two coats of bead sealer and cross your fingers. The place you bought the tires from should appreciate your patronage and spend five minutes cleaning the inside lip...sometimes an extra twelve pack or 1/5th can go along way. There are
  13. If you can swing a set of rims and tires that you like for $1000, and the best you can find pricewise is $400 to repair the chromes, I'd be going new. My situation was unique b/c there was no cost to me for reconditioning all four bead seats due to the carelessness of the first tech. As for ebay, you can advertise them honestly, explain your situation and sell them cheap just to rid yourself of them. You can also correspond with the seller and ask them to meet you half way as the wheels were not in useable condition, unless the ad stated them to be in need of repair or defective. You can
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