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  1. Here's the seats from a GX460. You can see that the seam in the bolster is on the backside of the cushion. I really wish I could just put these seats in the RX350, literally the one sticking point that might have me getting rid of the vehicle, what a bummer.
  2. So I have been looking around for threads related to seat discomfort in the new RX350. I just purchased a 2022 RX350 F-Sport and am quite unhappy about the seats. I love that they are ventilated as that is something that I wanted for this vehicle purchase, but the F-Sport seats are just terrible. I'm 6' 205 lbs and am constantly dealing with my thighs being uncomfortable because the side bolsters are just too stiff. The design of the F-Sport seat is ultimately too narrow on the bottom and the bolsters force you to either keep your legs squeezed together or rest your legs over the thigh bolsters to spread out which is where the problem resides. I also was not able to pick up on this during my test drive initially and I'm disappointed that I didn't because I came from a Tacoma that had a similar issue, the seat material was firm and the padding was also firm which created the same thigh pain during longer trips. It's something that I told myself I would look out for and somehow I overlooked it during the test drive, probably because I was tired and somewhat mesmerized by all of the other 'good' things that the RX350 does offer. If I could do it all over, I would have tried to get the luxury package instead of the F-Sport but I do prefer the interior and exterior design of the F-Sport.. there's compromises to be made I suppose but the thigh bolsters are enough of a problem that I am contemplating taking the car to an upholster shop and asking if they can flatten out and change where the stitching is. It's not real leather in the F-Sport, it's (nu luxe) whatever that means and so I'm hoping we can find a solution but it's going to cost a good deal of money and that is a bummer when you think about how much you invested in the new vehicle and of course have buyers remorse when you think about the competition in this segment. I also feel the 'egg' like portion of the seat that does seem to sit right in the middle rear section of the bottom portion drivers seat. I know this is going to annoy me over time, so now it's an ordeal. With the side bolsters though, I really feel like Lexus has conflated the purpose of a crossover suv that is meant to be a "family" car. For the F-Sport at least, it's not fooling anyone of being a fast suv so why put such firm bolsters in the seats that you actually cause problem of comfort to the occupant? We're not going on the track, it doesn't need to feel like this.. From what I'm gathering, it seems that the issue really stems from the seam of bolster where they sew it together at the top. For both sides, this seam is incredibly rigid, almost like there's a coat hangar that is lining this portion and it does not have any give. The interior side of the bolster closest to the seat belt quite honestly has the rigidity and thickness of a firm piece of rubber, and to make it worse, the seat is designed so that it gets more narrow the closer to your but which makes it very uncomfortable. Some people say they will break in, but with this new 'nu luxe' synthetic material, I find that unlikely and the bolsters would have to be folding flat for me to get any relief - this is essentially what I would ask the upholstery shop to do, take out the seam and pad them so they're more flat. I'm using a foam seat cushion in the meantime, just ridiculous. Car has 1000 miles on it, and I'm already thinking of trading it in or just getting rid of it entirely. My exciting Lexus purchase has now turned into a search for an upholstery shop to create a more comfortable seat...
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