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  1. I don’t see that they conducted the pressure test on the work order. They may have figured the car was too new to have a bad heater core or we were just imagining it! Nonetheless, I have a call into maintenance to ask them this question and would it be possible to check. I don’t feel comfortable driving in a car that may be emitting toxic fumes. Better to be safe and check. I did read that a “sweet smell”” in a car cabin can indicate a bad heater core. Now I am wondering if we did the right thing and give up our 2016 GS350 F Sport for the ES simply because our Lexus had 3G technology and was no longer being produced. We never had a problem with it and it was AWD ( and that was our 3rd GS)!!! Also, noticed slight hesitation in car as you accelerate!!!!
  2. We have a 2022 ES with 5000 miles. My husband says he smells antifreeze, yet the car is not overheating. Checked by dealer and could find no leaks???????
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