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  1. Thanks for the information. My Lexus model is the long 3 row version (RX 450 hL). Do you know if the bolt pattern is still a match up to the hitch fitting RX 450 h from Curt you described? Also I prefer no cutting of the bumper so I would use the spacers you described.
  2. Thanks for the info. I actually have contacted UHaul already. Their response said they could build but they currently do not have a design for. They also wanted my vehicle to be delivered to Nevada for 4-5 day installation. I am on the East coast so this UHaul option not very promising. Hence, why I am still investigating and interested in this sites experience.
  3. Hi. I just purchased a 2022 RX 450 hL (hybrid long). I wish to install a 2” bike hitch receiver but unable to confirm what hitch brand and model. Dealer says no hitch available and it would cause the rear gate “foot to open” rear hatch. It would appear others have similar issue. Sounds like you all are knowledgeable of and can recommend. Look forward to your suggestions.
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