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  1. My 400 rx 2006 well maintained always by local Lexus dealer worker perfectly well for years until one day 4 weeks ago my wife got stuck with a dead car, all light s came out and had to be towed to the dealer where it has been serviced for 16 years. Never an accident or a major repair. A/c worked perfectly to the point I drove 80 miles to a local small town and had to raise the thermostat because my hands were getting ice cold.. got a call from dealer that it was a water leak from the pillars and there was water in the battery. Initial quote was 1600 then more than 3000 and 2 weeks of work. On return the day after the turn indicator died. Went back replaced a bulb in the back left. On return from there the windshield motor died no water spray. Back to the dealer. Prior to taking it back thr a/c died hot air coming from thr vents.mind you the a/c worked perfectly well.also the service light came out despite doing the current inspections due, 2500 more. So took it back and those repairs required a new wiper motor and recharging Freon, when I picked it up the a/c was blowing more hot air than outside air. So left it there. Got a call 2 days later now the compressor and 2 fans require close to 7000. All in all 5 electrical malfunctions after a major leak and battery work. My presumption is that the initial repair fried components that led to a lemon for what was a perfectly maintained and running hybrid which is worth no more than 6000 on the market. It has 90,000 miles or so.what a disaster. Any comments appreciated.
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