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  1. Have a 93 SC300 that has only 112k miles but just had a Ring failure in Cylinder #6 so 0 compression. Would like to get $2500 OBO for complete car. Contact Dave at 818-430-1796 or dkarp54@gmail.com
  2. Thanks that makes a lot of sense. Appreciate your input!
  3. Hi All Maybe someone out there can help... I've owned my SC300 since Jan. of this year with only 120k mile on it. I've been working on it mostly interior/door panels and driving seldom. Last week went to start and it barely wanted to idle so brought it into my mechanic. He found # 6 cylinder to have 0 compression while all others 140-150?? The plugs were original which I would have never expected as it never really misfired on me but drove it maybe 100 miles. Not sure if I should have him do a valve job or sell it as is? Valve job would run $2500 minimum now with prices(I'm in S.California) Anyone who can shed light on this please do Dave
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