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  1. this is an old post but is it still available... id figure i would take a shot since im new on north merica lexus form... been on the primary international one
  2. I have the same car, and i had received incorrect information from many claiming to be master mechanics. Our car has trans mount and motor mount. IF I COULD DO DIFFERENT, after 7k duped in two months into a 14 years old car with 215k miles, but its my baby!!! Engine is still good for another 100k at least , BUT yes... do those mounts do not listen to anyone else, feel the car if she shakes and gives you unbalance steering torque then ITS THE TRANS AND BOTTOM ENGINE MOUNT!!!! I WOULD HAVE DONE THE MOUNTS FIRST SO YES DO THAT IF THEY ARE BAD BECAUSE IT WILL DOMINO EFFECT IF YOU DONT>>>> later on i found that I attributed the issues i was having as they happened after hitting a pot hole, but i have 217k miles on the car.... i listened to everyone but like you when they would drive it would not happened. So my first replacement was front loaded struts/springs that did go out, the passenger took the impact but the driver side feel out a few days later and they needed to be replaced anyways as the front end was bouncing for several months... so then i was told cv axles, got those replaced, but i know engines... not suspension and though i can do many repairs and have successfully , i am not a mechanic so i took advice until then after axles, the clunking got worse... at this time i was on tight budget so little by little... i did repairs, on entire front suspension except control arms and ball joints... the boot on my rack and pinion was damaged from debris but was not leaking power steering fluid so the mechanic that installed my suspension i began to question him and i trust him not to lie, i just think he didn't understand the car...... then i take to master mechanic for Lexus and tell him this shaken happened after hitting a pothole, he puts car on lift and has me look at the mounts... they were worn but the worn rubber was gray as you would expect form stress and age, but there was a single split on one an d few on the other mounts that were like fresh black... he said likely the impacts accelerated what was already wearing down and then explained the defect in Lexus cv axle the majority of repair parts are not OEM ... i got OEM but i mention that because just like cv axle the amounts are the same and when the engine lifts due to motor, it takes the cv axle with it and the w\sway bar and steering takes some of the shake out, but check to see if you have warped rotors... if so then yes the mounts will probably fix it. my es 350 engine is mint and i could feel the trans having difficulty when accelerating quickly or regular driving between 25-45mph... nobody could to this day give me an answer as to what caused it, wear and tear, Texas heat on rubber, impact of pothole at 45mph, but i think i made things worse replacing everything in suspension not knowing the tarns and engine mounts were toast... the new tight suspension, i think caused the engine to shift more and in turn caused the trans and front wheel torque to get worse...
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