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  1. Hmmm. We bought a 2012 is250 in 2017. Just had it in for the 90k mi. checkup on May 11. Replaced battery. Drove car to St. Louis and back (300 miles), also had it on road--for first extended driving since Covid--several other times. No problems. Three days ago, car wouldn't lock, then...lights wouldn't turn on, car wouldn't lock/unlock except mechanically, nothing worked. Lexus picked it up yesterday, took it to dealership 45 mi. away. On its way back now. Service mgr says they charged the battery, couldn't find anything wrong, alternator is fine, we don't drive it enough (sound familiar?? standard line from Lexus???), and so on. Service has always been good before, but the mgr sounded pretty cavalier about this. We've had a couple of very minor electrical glitches before, but nothing like this. Supposed to take Lexus to my son, doing an internship two hours away, for the summer, but now I'm leery about leaving it with him. Something doesn't sound right about this....
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