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  1. Mass airflow sensor? Try unplugging it, car should run with it unplugged if you don’t touch the throttle.
  2. The car has been maintained by the book, by the dealer. New tires and brakes, fluids changed per Lexus schedule. It’s a family deal, the car is owned by a LLC, used primarily to take 90+ year old grandma to the casino, 100 mile round trip at 55-65 or Stanford, 400 miles at 75-80. The seller is my son in law, ASE multiple certifications. He says it’s perfect, just got back from a 800 mile trip over the Sierra to Nevada, 23 mpg. Red over grey interior. Now he’s considering keeping it for himself he liked it so much ☹️
  3. I have an opportunity to buy the car at low book or dealer trade-in, whichever is less. One owner Central California valley car, 90K miles, well maintained. No needs. I don’t need it but it would be a nice birthday present for wife to replace her 2000 Avalon with 250K trouble free miles. Hoping this forum can advise me as to any potential issues or areas of interest that might bear looking at. I would think the powertrain is pretty solid but all the electronic goodies on these cars, how do they hold up? Adaptive suspension, etc. we only put about 5K miles a year on her current daily so if this car would be solid for 10 years or more that’s what I’m looking for. If we decide we don’t need or want it after a couple years I’d think I could sell it without much of a loss. I know the 400 series from 1990’s are very sought after in good condition and looking at comparables available it doesn’t appear there are many, can I assume this could be easily resold if we chose to go there?
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