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  1. Hey Les, That's good news. I also prefer the V6 vs the 4 and the body of the 22 (moving the body forward as well and the overall shape). But hey, I'm just one guy, so I'm sure it'll catch on. I was the same way when Chevrolet changed the grill on the Silverado. Now I love 'em.
  2. I'm not real enthused about the new look. I'm sure it will eventually grow on me, but I'm glad I just bought a 2022 🙂
  3. Absolutely, Lexus is about as good as it gets. Style, functionality, reliability, and reasonable price (compared to its peers). We looked at Audi, BMW, Lexus, and Toyota. None are taking orders. You just provide the dealer with your desired features/color and wait until something close shows up at the dealership. It's crazy.
  4. Thanks Les Lex. That makes sense. I just need enough room for some luggage and supplies when we snowbird. I obviously looked at some 350s but wanted to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. I'm not sure what the delivery process will be, but it sounds like yours would be awesome. They did tell me there will be a technician who will spend about and hour reviewing every feature of the vehicle. I've never been to this dealership. I have to fly from Cincinnati to Houston to get it. Strange times in the auto business!
  5. Hey folks, I'm a new almost-Lexus owner. I have a deposit in on a 2022 RX350 and am picking it up next week. I've been puzzled my something since I started researching the vehicle. It shows the max cargo space on the 34 cubic ft. Whereas the 2022 Highlander shows up to 84 cubic feet. How can that be??? I understand the Highlander is a couple of inches longer, I still don't see how it could have 50 cubic feet more than the RX350. Am I missing something???
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