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  1. Understand what you are saying I can see red to red etc but what I'm uncertain about is how would the alarm affect my air conditioning I windshield wipers gauges etc to not work and must be another problem somewhere and I don't know what to look for this just suddenly happened when tried to disconnect the alarm before is there some kind of relay thats been affected When I stop being stupid it's the heat I will just put back together all the wires that had been sliced red green polka dots to green with polka dots etc and hopefully that will fix everything I can wire a whole entire house I guess because there's only four colors of wires black white red and green three ways four ways no problem but for some reason I get dumbfounded with all these wires I'm laughing at myself I hope this solves a problem wish me luck
  2. All fuses are good under the hood and inside the car I just don't know what wires connect to each other because aftermarket alarm remote start they tapped into certain wires hot I'm assuming or positive I should say but confused at what wires connect to each other because there's no color coding I not sure or how do I test the wire that's hot and no what it goes to for example I put probe into a splice and the trunk opened I don't have a problem with the trunk is there some way that I will be able to tell what the wire goes to like what they tapped into that wire goes to something do I need wiring diagram which to me is not a great help because they marked them in letters like HTP or lto or something like that thanks for your reply any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. An attempt was made to remove an aftermarket and aftermarket remote start alarm system now now no AC no windshield wipers no power windows no gauges to reconnect connections but nothing works fuses are all good underhood and inside car it's really hot need AC bad desperate please help
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