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  1. Hi. I’m new to the forum. Is this the right place to post questions about the new 2022 NX350h? If not, please let me know. I’ve had mine for 1 month and we really like it. It’s the luxury package so we’re still working through all of the features (digital mirror, giant display screen, wireless Apple Car Play vs the built in GPS, Advanced Park, new door handles, etc.). So far, it’s very intuitive. The only potential issue we have is around the actual miles per gallon we’re getting. The spec is 39 hwy / 41 city for the hybrid. With 7 miles on it, we drove away from the dealer and it displayed 26 mpg. Slowly, over the next 4 weeks and after 2200 miles it has inched its way up to 34.1 mpg but seems to be plateauing at that number. Strangely, the average mpg isn’t able to reset or set for a “trip” mode (dealer verified this) like a lot of cars. So, while 34.1 isn’t bad, it’s not what we paid for when we purchased a hybrid. Any similar experiences? thx OP
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