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  1. First off I am not a mechanic but mechanically inclined. That said I have an issue on a 2007 is250. Check engine light came on and the OBD2 scanner indicated both bank 1 and 2 sensor 1 (P2238+P2241), 4 cyl misfire (P0304). I changed the sensors, spark plug and new coil pack. RE Scanned. Cyl 4 misfire code again [0304] PLUS [P0335] Crankshaft position sensor AND [P2017] Intake manifold Runner Position. Started the vehicle and it ran for almost a minute before smoke came from the left side of the engine / bottom. Assume that was the crankshaft sensor. The battery needed to be jumped also to start and will not hold a charge, needing a boost to start. I was away for work monday to today [sunday]. The battery is DEAD DEAD. Can't even unlock the car as if it didnt even have a battery. I have not worked on it today in order to research more. I need to go test the alternator to see if it is bad. I read that is an issue with Lexus. My knowledge for working on this thing comes from youtube shade tree mechanics so if anyone can help me troubleshoot this properly and get it back on the road is a blessing. Need my vehicle for work. No vehicle, no work, no money being made. Need to fix it ASAP. If anyone can help you can contact me at eight six four two six six one one two six. Please leave a voice message because I won't answer if I do not know the number.
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