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  1. what’s tough about testing it is, it is not happening everytime, like i’m driving today, and it only happened a couple times in the beginning, but now it’s running fine
  2. I’ll try this tmrw and let you know the result!
  3. Hey guys, back again with yet another problem. Lately i’ve noticed that when i depress the brake there is a large current draw on the electrical system and my music and A/C slowly turn off and then when i let go of the brake it’s back on like nothing happened. I’m thinking it’s an alternator issue as it could be old, because the battery is brand new. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. I’ll check this out and see what i find!
  5. I remember the previous owner saying they replaced that prior to my purchase, so it might be something else
  6. Ls400 with A/C issue, blows cold air when set to 80 degrees for heat. I think it might be the coolant that is wrong or maybe bubbles in the pipes, but it just wanted to make sure i go about it the right way if someone else has had this issue. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. So i’ve just bought a 1997 ls400 coach edition, sweet car but the cup holder under the front arm rest seems to be stuck or jammed. Any easy fix? or replacement methods?
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