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  1. Minor update. Much more consistent today. So much so that with ign off the abs unit was trying to apply brakes.
  2. it's not gradual though. It does not appear to be just one as it does not pull to one side. the first time it did it at parking lot speeds it was a sudden lockup of at least one wheel. and the first highway one when it did it the auto down shifted 3 gears like it was going up a decent hill all of a sudden.
  3. Maybe, But I don't think My 13 has any of that. It feels more like the Ebrake has been applied. I have an IR temp gun in the car to see which brakes are getting hot, but it hasn't done it since I put that in the car.
  4. as the title states. I have a 2013 LS460L The brakes randomly apply on their own at parking lot and highway speeds. Previous to my ownership the Skid control Ecu, And the Brake actuator for this issue. Obviously to no avail.
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