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  1. I recently bought the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth kit to install in my 04 GX. I have run the wires for the mic and found some helpful instructions on how to access the back of the nav. The problem I have is figuring out which wires I need to tap to hook up the radio mute line. Also would like to know where the lines for the speakers would be. The unit came with an external speaker, but I really would like to connect the unit to one of the driver side front speakers. Lastly, could you sugguest how I could access the power line? Basically, all the wiring help. I'm okay with mechanically taking apart the car, but need some help with the electricals. Attached is a diagram of the system wiring.
  2. I have blank buttons on the steering wheel that would normally be used for the phone. I was thinking of putting a bluetooth unit in the car and wanted to replace the blank buttons with working ones to control the bluetooth unit. Has anyone done this?
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