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  1. Definately come visit all the malls out near Tysons Corner, there's also a lot of good places to stay and shop around there. As for food, I'd recommend my dad's resturant... Colonel Brooks Tavern/ Island Jim's Tiki Bar right across the street from Catholic University/ the Brookland Metro, literally a 5-10 minute walk. :) Also, McLean Pizza is a really good resturant, right in the middle of McLean. I'm sure you'll see my ES250 driving around somewhere, since I'm always out, either around the Tysons area or in NW DC.
  2. Yeah, I have full assemblies, actually I have the whole car still... we're picking up an Acura RDX when it comes out in July, which is when we'd get rid of my ES250. No sense in a 3 person family having 5 cars :whistles:
  3. Had my ES since May 19, 2005 - had 128,300, now currently has 134,700. So in 9 months I've put on give or take 6,400 miles, which is kind of suprising. I make trips out to Sterling/Great Falls almost every weekend, and sometimes I'll do a lap or two around the Capital Beltway, just because I'm that bored. Other than that, I just started driving it a couple months ago 12 miles round trip 5 days a week to school in D.C. My 2002 4Runner had 83 miles when we bought it new in December 2001, and now has just broke 70,000 miles. Thanks to 4 yearly trips to North and South Carolina, New York, West Virginia and once through New England (to The Balsams in CT/NH). 51 months. Thats about 1,373 miles a month.
  4. I'd have to agree, my luxury sedan sports the single cluster, and might I say, it sure does a fine job of it. :whistles: No but seriously, I agree with you. :) I kinda like how my 4Runner has the recessed gauges in the dash, but not 3-pod type where it looks like you're staring down a tube to see the gauges. P.S. PLease excuse my hairy legs...
  5. Strong resemblance to the Acura, it's true. But... The front of both Acura and Lexus look like this to me... My parents' 02 Chevy Impala... The rest of the exterior looks exactly like a Camry... surprise! Amen!
  6. I found that if I use the iPod with the Dock, and the tape player plugged into the "line out" part of the Dock, along with a iPod car charger plugged into the bottom of the Dock, the sound quality is pretty dang good. Charges the iPod too; it gets a little tangly, but it's manageable.
  7. They're not too bad on my car, noise is kinda high with them, but offer a superior level of grip compared to my Goodyears. I can't say anything about comfort levels, since the suspension on my car is pretty much shot, bottoming out over everything, causing a ton of lean into corners, etc. I feel safer taking a rapm at 45 MPH in my 4Runner than the same ramp at 30 MPH in my ES.
  8. Apparently some !Removed! stuck some gum in the handle which made it stick up... I cleaned that out and now it moves much more freely, but still doesn't go down all the way. Plus the whole mechanism moves around in the door when I pull up the handle. I'm sure I'll end up getting it fixed for $500 (thankfully my parent's $$$), but will be unsuccessful in showing them how much of a money pit my car is.
  9. Well the driver door handle broke on my 91 ES today, lifted it and it crunched and was stuck in the up position. Door still locks and closes. Any suggestions on what to do?
  10. I used to be able to connect to my neighbor's internet connection too. I then had to remove it from the list of available wireless networks because occasionally it would be stronger than my own connection and would interfere with everything that had to do with my Internet. What kind of internet connection do you have? To make the most of any high speed connection, it's best to use a wireless G router if you're planning on not using a hardwired connection. I'd recommend Linksys with speed booster routers, especially since RadioShack has a sale on them for a little longer.
  11. cute, aaahhh... for the hot tub right? Daddy says me no allowed in hot tub- Mommy still gives me bathies.
  12. no need fo hatin on me- It's greyish green, solid color. Havent had a chance to find out what "name" color it is yet. Sound like a cool remote system! I'll have to check it out. What brand? If you would like the 91 FSM, I could email it to ya! :P Lol. It's a DEI Valet remote starter system. www.directed.com and click the Valet tab on the left. It's working slowly for me but it's in there. And thanks I have the FSM for the wiring, engine and transmission. I'm having a difficult time comprehending it all though.