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  1. The only response from Lexus, regarding a recurring dead battery issue on my Lexus UX (4 dead batteries in 18 months), is that I do not have a problem!!! Hence, it will do nothing.
  2. As described in more detail in the attachment, I own a Lexus US250h, which I purchased in September 2020. Since that time the battery has not started on three separate occasions (Oct. 2020, May 2021, and November 2020). I have had to have the car jump-started each time, after which I drove it to the Lexus dealer and recited the problem, each time with more passion as I realized I was sold a defective car. Each time Lexus ran certain diagnostic tests and declared the battery to be fine; most recently it did a leak detection analysis which showed nothing. The Lexus position, despite the facts of three successive battery failures within 14 months of purchase, is that if the diagnostic tests do not show a problem, then the problem is the owner! In the most recent visit the advice to me was to drive the car more (despite the fact that I had informed them that I drive the car daily, both in town and on the road) and/or to buy a "trickle charger," to which I responded I did not pay $40,000 for a car to be told I needed to purchase and use a battery charger. The responsibility is Lexus's to provide a reliable car that starts each and every time the ignition button is pushed. In short, the car is a classic lemon, and I have filed a complaint letter (see attached) to begin the process of getting relief. I have been told that other UX owners are experiencing similar problems; if that is true, kindly share your stories. Thank you. Letter to Lexus re UX250h.docx
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