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  1. Have you tried a DVD-audio disk which is guaranteed to use all the speakers in the car. My system sounds great even with Sirius but is REALLY great with DVD-A. I set the sound field to be slightly geared toward the rear, mid and treble about one step above baseline and bass about three steps above baseline.
  2. Just had my V1 hardwired into my '06 GS300. Ran the wire down the black rubber moudling onn drivers side and added a new fuse that was accessory powered to the fuse block the drivers footwell.
  3. [ motorola recently sent software upgrades to the carriers that allow you to see the reception bars in the car as well as turn the radio volume down when a call comes in..You should take your phone to your carrier to perform the upgrade or upgrade the phone to the new model..I have the newest model motorola with verizon..I cant figure out how to make the car ring when a call comes in..the volume lowers but I have to listen for the ring on the phone,not in the car...I have every other problem figured out with the phone except for this..Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Thank You ← I have spoken with Lexus and Motorola tech. support regarding the no ring issue with the v710 and e815 and there is currently no solution. Maybe this will be addressed with the next round of firmware but nobody knows for sure . .
  4. Ed: There currently is no workaround to this issue. I have spoken with Lexus engineers and they have confirmed they are working on a solution with Denso, the OEM manufacturer of the Nav/BT system. The rep. did say there would no solution for the '06 model year but would likely be adddressed in the '07 models. When I inquired as to whether a firmware upgrade would be made available for our systems ho said he had no info. as to whether that would be possible. The other issue you will likely encounter with the V710 or E815 (I own both) is that there will be no audible ringer in the car . . only the handset itself will ring. Congrats on the new car . . .
  5. I recently bought an '06 GS300 AWD and love the vehicle with one BIG exception and this is the low beam HID lights. They are aimed extremely low and provide very poor front illumination. I have driven HID/Xenon cars for over five years and find these type of lights to be exceptional. The GS clearly has a problem with the aiming of these lights. I had the vehicle to the delaer who said the lights are aimed as high as Lexus would allow and offered nothing more. A call to Lexus customer service yielded nothing as they deferred to the dealer. I opened a complaint with NHTSA and would encourage anyone else with this issue to do so as maybe then we can get some resolution.
  6. For those with Blueooth phone setups -- does the car ring with an incoming call or only the cell phone itself. I have tried both a v710 and e815 and the phone itself rings and the car mutes the radio and shows an incoming call but there is no "ringer" in the vehicle -- is this how it is supposed to work? The same phones in my BMW produce an audible ringing sound theough the car's audio system. Thanks in advance . . .
  7. The Seem update referenced will NOT solve the phonebook problem. That update only allows for the transfer of ring tones from the TF card to the phone . . .in all other respects it is identical to the officially released 8700_01.40.0R firmware update. The latest update did allow for full synchronization of my phonebook with my '05 BMW 330xi w/BT but did nothing for my wife's '05 RX330.