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  1. Sorry but I don’t know what a clutch noise is, as the clutch doesn’t make a noise as in your description it’s the engine that makes the odd noise when the gear selected is too high for the speed of the car. Maybe the UJ’s are on their way out. Hopefully some one else on here will have a better answer for you
  2. No this is for older models 93-97 we could swap cars though. :)
  3. How did you get your blade out? Mine is a 96 es 300 with button on the side but blade seems to be molded in the plastic? Sorry for the delay I haven't been on the forum for a while, I cut around the key with a utility knife and use a drop of epoxy on assembly, mine is still going strong good luck
  4. Rob you're welcome, I have a 96 GS300 156000 miles got it in May of this year and it too needs TLC on the leather. Win
  5. Hi Rob Congrats on your GS300 and welcome to the forum I think you came on board when all the regulars are away for the weekend. :( You are a fast learner fixed your remote already I had to buy a new key and reprogram the remote myself. I can't help you with the radio but you could try doing a search on here, I am sure you will find some answers, I am kind of new to Lexus too so no help from me but wanted to say welcome Win
  6. Thanks for that info he has them listed for $59.00 too I may jump on those at $48 Win
  7. I love my 96 GS300 I will be replacing the steering pump this week end, the pump is working fine but the bearing is making a funny noise :( Win
  8. This is the info I think I got it on this forum I it saved in my email. It work for me on the second try. Good luck Win Programing Instructions for Lexus Keyless Remote: 1. Start with key out of switch, drivers door open, all other doors and trunk closed, doors unlocked. 2. Insert key in ignition, DO NOT TURN ON, and remove key. 3. Using drivers side power door lock button, lock and unlock doors 5 times within 40 seconds, ending with doors unlocked. 4. Close drivers door and open it. Again lock and unlock doors 5 times within 40 seconds, ending with doors unlocked. 5. Insert key into ignition and turn from LOCK to ON to LOCK one time. Remove key from ignition. 6. Door locks will cycle one time. 7. Press lock button on transmitter for at least one second. Door locks will cycle. 10. Within 20 seconds, close drivers door and open it and press button on transmtter again for at least one second. 11. Door locks will cycle. Wait 20 seconds and registration will be completed. **if it does not work, start over from beginning, it may take several attempts. If it does not work, contact your local dealer.
  9. O K this is for 1993-1997 GS300’s and others that uses the keyless with one button on the side, they have these listed on ebay (used) when I got my 96 GS300 both master key remotes were broken the key blades were still good though. I bought one of these used keys off ebay with the FCC ID HYQWDT-B which matched mine, I then remove the key blade from it and swapped it with my broken master’s blade. I then programmed the remote to my car so now I have a keyless master remote that works. Win
  10. Try Kelly blue book Kelly Blue Book for trade-in or retail I always try to get my cars at trade in prices :) Win
  11. Do any of you guys use one? Book form that is, not on a CD. I have been looking for one on the GS300 however all I am getting are manual on CD’s. I like to use a paper manual when working on the car, I know I could print the pages off the CD but it’s just a personal thing for me. :) Win
  12. To save wear on the starter :) sorry I couldn't resist that one. Win
  13. “Toyota brake master cylinders last at least 20 years so the chances of one being bad are extremely remote.” As with most things there is always an exception, I had a master cylinder go out on a 87 Toyota Cressida after 5 years. Win
  14. I would have it checked again could be the brakes needs bleeding, is the fluid level low? could be a master cylinder prolem too. Good luck. Win
  15. OK Swap my 96 for your 06 I think I can live with that key problem :) Win