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  1. Thanks, OnStar does confirm that the main score circled the higher the better, which I assumed it was but there’s no way of knowing for sure. The other scores for cornering and so forth, There is still no way to interpret those. thanks for responding
  2. Thanks, I had read that before I posted. Actually does not answer any of my questions. But thanks for responding.
  3. So your model is actually UX250H, not UX250? You have the hybrid, right? You see an "H" after the 250 on the model and on the car itself on the side of the car the word "hybrid?" If so, this is a timely topic for me. We have a 5 week old 250H (2021) and the first 3 times I got gas I got 39 MPG. Yesterday it dropped to 35, no change in driving, same type of driving. I did notice the "eco" was off, so I put it on and what I dont know is if it was on when I was getting 39. So I am waiting to see what happens, I am also wondering what "drive pulse" numbers m
  4. Dealer says my battery was bad, they replaced it, hope that really is all it is.
  5. This question is not specific to our model, which happens to be a UX 250H, but I use the Lexus app and while it is my wife's car I keep up on the info on it. She drives it most of the time, 95%, she is a very conservative driver, no fast starts, no harsh cornering, etc. The number in the middle of a green circle is "75"...the Fast acceleration is "84"...Harsh cornering is "126"...Harsh braking "102".. It is a 0-100 scoring system it 100 good or bad? If she has 126 for cornering, is that good or bad? What is the highest or lowest it could be?
  6. Having an electronic problem with our new UX250H, might need to take cables off battery and put them back on, what size is that nut? 10mm? What is the easiest wrench to use? thanks
  7. Checked voltage of battery after finding it, and it was 12 volts. Before checking battery I tried both keys and nothing, including no "key not present or detected" or whatever it says, just nothing. But after touching the battery and testing it, the car started and went back to normal. I will take it to dealer, but has anyone had this experience? 2021 UX 250H (drove it for a bit, the hybrid battery was at 3 bars and went to 4 after driving a bit) Also i think the headlights switch was not on auto but on DLR... Will the headlights stay on indefinitely if you leave them on and
  8. The camera is not making the noise but the car is. This is legally required to alert pedestrians that you are backing up or going forward (still a noise going forward but not as loud) since you are driving a hybrid and at times only the battery is functioning so there is no car engine sound, at all. Very dangerous and so the noise is to warn people.
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