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  1. You know that recall really sounds like that could be the issue. I initially thought it was the inverter but don’t have enough info to pinpoint it. I called Toyota and they said all three recalls were already completed (although none of the recalls they mentioned had to do with the inverter). Anyone ever experience this issue?
  2. Had this Lexus for a couple of years. All of a sudden it dies while driving. We limp it home. Now it won’t drive more than a couple of feet before throwing a “check hybrid system” message. I have replaced the big hybrid battery, same issue. 12V battery replaced, same issue. I know a good amount about hybrid batteries, just never had this issue with a Prius. Checked all hybrid fuses. Dealership had it for 6 labor hours, couldn’t figure it out. Literally had no idea what was going on. it gets these codes: P0A80 replace battery pack P0AF8 Hybrid Battery System Vo
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