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  1. Thanks so much Trevor. Do you know another way to tests the door actuators? Mechanics seem to want to keep replacing them til the culprit is found--gets expensive.
  2. I have a 1997 ES300 where the alarm still goes off randomly once the doors are locked. Not every time, but enough to cause problems. Lexus theorized that it was a door actuator--replaced one and still happens. They replace the one of the back door that is used the least. I would have thought the driver door (with 215,000 miles) would be a more likely culprit. Does anyone know if the actuator can cause such a problem?
  3. Thank you for the response to my problem. I checked all and the opening and closing of doors with the dome light. Light stayed on for all doors, went out evenly at about 30 seconds. Is there a fuse for the security/alarm circuit? Not in the fuse panel inside driver side on firewall or outside under hook by battery.
  4. I have a 1997 ES300, when doors are locked often the horn alarm goes off—but not immediately. Took to a Lexus dealer where they replaced a rear door actuator for around $400. Did not fix problem. I cannot find a fuse location for the alarm—if there is one. Neighbors do not like the middle of the night horn recital!
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