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  1. So it works! Swapped the old tranny back in. Turns out the ECU capacitors were the entire problem! Thank you all for your help and i hope this helps anyone else that has capacitors issues!
  2. Alright guys so a bit of a weird one here. I'll start at the beginning. So I bought this LS400 about a year ago and it was fine. 152000 km. Everything clean and mint. Was taking valve clearances one day and when I put the valve cover back on I forgot to reinstall the trans fluid dipstick. Low and behold some fluid leaked out and by the time I noticed the trans had been slipping and also stalling. (I know.. dumb..) So, filled it up and took the fluid level and it was normal. Tranny drove well for another couple days and then all of the sudden one day it started to stall everytime it was put int
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