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  1. I finally caved and took it to the shop. They “reset the computer” and the lens adjustment and folding mechanisms started working again. After reading several posts about side mirror issues that said the dealer would charge somewhere around $1500 to replace the entire side view mirror rather than fix a failing motor I was more than happy to pay $150 for the computer reset. Hope this helps someone if you encounter the same issue.
  2. The driver sideview mirror on my 2016 LX570 quit folding all of the sudden (passenger side still good). Coincidentally, the actual mirror lens adjustment quit as well (probably simultaneously but hard to say since I don’t adjust the mirror daily like the folding mechanism but it worked recently). Based on my research, it seems these 2 motors are independent of each other. I’ve seen kits online and videos to replace the folding motor part, but I’m suspicious that maybe it’s a bad wire or something that is causing both motors to fail rather than the motors themselves. Any insights? Thanks. Ju
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