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  1. Fort Lauderdale canal lots in a "safe" neighborhood are mostly above 800k for absolute garbage right now.. Hence looking at the tow/launch option. RX is 100times better than a monster suburban... I dont want to drive that big thing all the time. RX just fits me so well..
  2. boat weights in fully rigged at 5200lbs adding 1000lbs for the trailer. 2015 F150 with 2.7 ecoboost and is rated for 8500lbs which will more than cover it. I just did not want a pickup sitting around my house or to pay extra insurance on a vehicle.. such is life...
  3. Wondering if a tuner shop can beef up and make a Rx350 handle that type of cargo.?. I think for the money and older f150 is the best option
  4. Correct. I really dont want to buy an F150 and have another vehicle to insure that I only use for towing. Absolutely love my RX was hoping there was some kind of way I could make it work but does not look like it. Marina's in south florida are at absurd pricing per month (marina 1 quoted me rack storage 1,475 per month for a 34ft speedboat), you can pay more than a mortgage payment. So towing it around and putting on the side of your home seems way more of an option.
  5. I think the big issue is weather a Front wheel drive 270hp RX350 can pull 6500lbs up a ramp and out of the water. I think that maybe asking for trouble. Would gladly spend for trailer brakes if the rx could pull it. But was comparing the curb weight of the rx350 and a 2015 F-150 with a 2.7 eco boost. The weights are actually very similar but the f-150 can tow well over 6500lbs all day long. Just dont know why they rated the RX so low. seems like it could do allot more.
  6. Have a 2013 RX350 that came with the factory tow package. I understand these are rated for a Max of 3500lbs tow capacity. This is probably a stupid question but wanted to know what it would take to get it to safely tow 6500 to 7000lbs (boat weights 5300 but adding trailer, fuel etc)? Upgraded brakes? I think the engine can handle it not sure if transmission can. Just curious if something like this could be done? If it costs $5-10k in upgrades no biggie sure beats buying another tow vehicle.. Anyone ever hear of such a thing?
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