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  1. For sale is a brand new (after-market, not OEM) right-hand rear wheel bearing/hub assy for a 2006 Lexus RX400h. Please read that again: this unit is NOT for the all-wheel-drive version of the RX400h but rather, only for the front-wheel-drive version of the RX400h, which was only produced in the 2006 model year. This is a free-wheeling unit with no splines as would be the case for the AWD type. (This part was ordered in summer, 2020 in error and never installed/used, and is still in its original box). Price is $50 US plus shipping, and weight is (guestimate) around 20 lbs. Thanks,
  2. For sale is my rear drive motor/differential assembly removed from my 2008 Lexus RX400h on 25 August, 2020 at 144,793 miles. (I can supply Carfax report from March, 2019 at approx. 118,000 miles). Fluid was not drained (all the better to keep the unit moisture-free during storage) but should be changed as I do not know when it was last changed - sometime prior to my purchasing the vehicle. This unit was removed because it was erroneously thought to be the cause of noise coming from the rear of the vehicle at speeds over 30mph. After replacing the unit the noise persisted, and subsequently
  3. Update: Well Jim, you were correct: The aftermarket rear wiper blades are garbage vs. the genuine article from Lexus. Once temps here finally rose above freezing I was able to remove, clean, lube and reinstall the rear wiper arm and blade assembly - with little to no improvement in effectiveness. Went to Lexus and purchased a new blade. Both blade assemblies looked exactly the same, but right away I could feel the difference between the two blades as I had both lying on the counter: The after-market blade assembly exhibited stiffness in the joints that support the wiper strip. The Lexus b
  4. Thanks Jim. My blade does look like that one, but I'll need to take a closer look at it to confirm if it deviates in any way from what you've described. When I physically apply pressure (not much) to the blade while it's in motion it wipes just fine. But the spring in the arm just doesn't seem to provide much tension to provide the necessary firm contact with the glass to follow the curvature. One thing I did notice when I replaced the arm and blade last time: for about the first day id did wipe about 90% of the swept area of the window. But by the following day it was back to only the lower 3
  5. Yup, we certainly need that rear wiper here, especially in the winter months: snow, ice, road salt, etc. Too late to reinstall the previous wiper arm, it's now landfill. It did however appear to be the exact same design as the one I replaced it with, complete with spring and spring tension. On that note, maybe the one I tossed was not the original either(?) Or maybe it was the original, but the spring was no longer strong enough to provide full contact - and it's replacement came with a weaker spring right out of the box? (that one was an Amazon purchase btw).
  6. Thanks Jim. I did indeed replace the wiper blade assy (not just the refill) twice, and the entire arm (once). Parts were aftermarket, not OEM. I'll try the denatured alcohol strategy and quiz one of the Lexus techs about the issue. Looks like I may have to spring for OEM. Your theory about the curved window makes sense. What does not make sense is the complete lack of complaints by others on any of these forums regarding this problem. If it's a design flaw I'd have expected to reports to be the rule rather than the exception...
  7. My 2008 RX400h has a rear-wiper issue that existed before I bought the vehicle two years ago: The rear wiper does not make sufficient contact with the outer two-thirds of the wiper blade's length. It only smears the water/dirt, making visibility in the main line of sight even worse. It wipes fine at the bottom of the window, but not at the middle and top. Attempted fixes that failed: 1. replaced wiper blade with new. (well, duh...) 2) replaced wiper blade (again) and replaced wiper arm with new - thinking maybe it was simply a case of a weak wiper arm spring. Assuming that al
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