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  1. Thank you Dave. I think that's the route I'll take...actually I'll have my son take once our Covid numbers go down and they re-open his auto shop class in school.
  2. Thank you for your thoughts. My father owned this up until 16k miles ago and took meticulous care of it. From the service records it looks like he had the valve cover gaskets replaced 25k miles ago and they replaced all 8 spark plugs at that time.
  3. Thank you. That's what my google search revealed too. I will definitely take it to another mechanic.
  4. I brought my 2001 LS430 with 200k miles on it into the shop I have been going to for years (not an authorized Lexus mechanic) with a check engine light and VSC system light on. They error code was P0307, which indicated the 7th cylinder is misfiring. The shop recommended replacing all 8 ignition coils and spark plugs ($1,650). The cost of the coils is the largest component of the cost (labor was only $250). I asked them why replace all 8 coils if the code says only 1 is misfiring. The response I was given is that they have seen this many times before and if 1 coil goes bad, they will all
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