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  1. Fosgate makes a very high quality 6.5 in 8 ohm. $11 adapter plate. Got tons of mid range quality sound...$160 pair. Took me couple hours 2006 430 sc
  2. I got a magna flow system on way... keep you posted.
  3. Starting in 2006 they went to the 6 speed transmission! Just sayin!
  4. I'm finding the 30 pin cord when connected to a older ( 30 pin) iPod, will play music from the iPod when "disc" button used. Excellent quality audio. So then I bought a 30 pin cord converting at other end to a lightning ( Iphone) hookup, and no sound and would play any tracks. Anybody ever get past this and figure out why going to the newer connection makes a difference? We are talking about 2006 430SC thanks! From Michigan on lockdown! Dave
  5. I have a 2006 lexus SC430, my door speakers are getting loose sounding. I was thinking of replacing with a quality aftermarket 6.5 inch 8 ohm speaker and use an adapter for the different speaker shape. As long as the speaker is 8 ohm , will I be ok with no damage to the amp? I was trying to go with the fosgate PPS8-6, but hard to find now.
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