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  1. Getting to the sensor now, from the backside, is pretty impossible. It would have been hard before now the hitch is in the way. On a different forum, someone thought it was an aftermarket system as they didnt install parking sensors on the GX470.
  2. My backup sensors have always beeped intermittently (whether there was something behind me or not) but since I added a hitch, one sensor has gone mad. My GX beeps all of the time when in reverse. I think I figured out which sensor it is. I am really good with disconnecting the whole system. Can I just cut the wire to the bad sensor or will this send the system in orbit? If not one, can I just disconnect them all at a connection or just cut the wires? Thanks ahead of time for your input. You may keep me from going crazy.
  3. My gear selector will not shift below "D" on my Gx. I cannot get into lower gears. The tranny shifts fine so I dont think its not a tranny issue. Any advice on this issue? Thanks ahead of time.
  4. Just bought a GX. The sunroof is not working well. I have greased it up and made some adjustments and it is a little better. I really will never use it so I don't care that it operates well. But it does leak air and make noise at highway speeds that is too annoying to ignore. It appears to be off center a little and has a larger gap on the passenger side. Would it be worth the trouble to order new perimeter weather stripping for the glass? It's that or I caulk it shut. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  5. I just purchased an '05 GX470 with 147K. I am having a few things repaired: New alternator, new master cylinder and the timing belt. I have noticed that it will not shift below Drive with the gear selector. I can go from Park to Reverse and on to Drive but I cannot go lower. The transmission seems to shift fine, actually quite smooth. The 4x shift works well and does go into low gears. The the center differential appears to be working. I know there is a release switch in case the vehicle gets hung up in Park.....but that is not my issue. If you have an ideas or solutions, please comme
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