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  1. Thank you for your response. It makes me much more comfortable with my purchase. I love the car and will keep it properly maintained.
  2. I have a 2012 with 90K miles on it and have not had that problem. Have you owned the car since new? Can you let me know any major repairs needed between 90K and 140K miles? That would be very helpful so I can decide if the warranty I bought is worth it.
  3. I bought a 2012 LS460 in February 2020 with 87K miles and have all the service records. Control arm bushings, alignments, 3-part fuel service (induction cleaning) and other typical 5K service charges were the charges to date. I don't see any transmission or differential fluid changes yet. I took it in for the 90K service and it cost me $900 (incl. $600 labor for 2 hours) OUCH! Guess I should have known this is a rich man's car. I'm trying to find out what the typical ongoing, high-cost repairs are over the next 3 years. A neighbor has one with 180K miles and nothing major yet.
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