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  1. I think any good working master cylinder replacement part should have fixed the pedal falling upon braking issue. You would not have the same problem for months even if the fluid is not flushed correctly with a new master cylinder. It takes a few months for the master cylinder to fail again and would not happen again in just a week or two. I never trusted any rebuild stuff from the auto parts store. It's too much of a coin toss and only added more cost and misery in my experience. You probably can order a new master cylinder from online Toyota or Lexus dealer and have it installed by your mech
  2. I wouldn't want to pay Lexus $175 to tell me that needs a master cylinder replacement again but this can be done at Toyota too. I don't know if you used the Original Lexus Toyota DOT3 fluid after the previous replacement. The failing of the original master cylinder seems like it has to do with the low or no polymer content in the aftermarket brake fluid after the brake pads replacement or serviced or flush at the 3rd party services. If you don't completely flushed out the offending brake fluid off your brake lines, chances are that the new replacement cylinder may start to wear out again prett
  3. Yeah. I saw that one before and I reviewed it thoroughly. I don't have any codes or any symptom of poor brake performance whatsoever. It never made any sound once it is shifted out of P to R or D gear. It's only heard when it's parked and the brake pedal is depressed. I ran the Techstream and no fault and no DTC in ABS or the main ECU or anywhere. It's running well in driving or any other test I can perform. It's just that noise that makes me think if it's a sign of early actuator wear. I have been digging info on this site and found it probably got to do with one of the TSBs
  4. Thanks for chiming in! I confirmed the squeal (or squeak) is indeed coming from the brake actuator assembly with the help of the wife who presses on the brake pedal when the vehicle is running (ready) and the gear is in Parked position. It did make one or two squeal sound from the actuator assembly and then stops. It's like the relays or brake pressure pump is applied for a short time. This noise can be heard with or without the engine running but the car is put on Ready state.
  5. Awesome thread, Lemon! thanks for sharing all the TSBs! Two thumbs up, Sir!
  6. Hello Dear Lexus Owners, I recently bought a 2008 RX400h with about 140K miles and drive off. It drives fine out from the dealer but I noticed a short squeal when the car is started and drive off from Parking. When I depressed the brake pedal to shift the gear from P to R, I heard a noticeable squeal coming from the engine compartment. It's a short squeal like 2-3 second and it stops or may be repeat once or twice with about 10 second interval if I keep pressing down the brake pedal at the Park Position. It never made that sound when the gear is in R or D position or during regular d
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