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  1. I bought my 350 back in July, upgrade from the 300. I have almost 3000 miles on it, about 1200 miles ago by chance I turned the radio off when I left the house and I heard this funny noise coming from the engine. I thought maybe it was just because it was early morning and the car needed to warm up. Well, the noise never left, it does it all the time. I took it in to the dealership and they said its normal. Does anybody else experience this sound(sounds like a diesel) with thier 350?
  2. Push the menu button Press Volume Touch the upper left corner, lower left corner, upper left, lower left A new screen pops up Push and hold the override button until it is highlighted, it will be too Hit the back button Go to dest and type it in
  3. I bought the same RX w/o nav with 17.5k for $29,100 just a couple of weeks ago. They were asking $34,900.