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  1. The Lexus dealer is more than an hour away. Toyota is 10 miles and they will take me home after I drop the car off.
  2. My wife inherited her Dad's 99 LS400, and our plan is to keep it and use it. It's a nice car, and with light use and proper care it should last us forever (if we don't crash it) It's coming up on timing belt replacement time and we don't have a Lexus dealer in our town. So, our choices for service are the local Toyota dealer or an independent garage. Toyota might be better working on a Lexus, but If their mechanics are accustomed to only servicing nearly new cars maybe an independent would be better. What would you do?
  3. Thanks Paul. The speedo and tach both read 0 until I tap the dash with my palm. It seem odd that tapping the dash would cause it to read if the problem is at a sensor on the tranny. but I'm willing to try it as I haven't heard of any other potential fix. Thanks again
  4. Can anyone here tell me where the speed sensor is? Where to find both ends? I've looked on youtube and only found shaky useless videos. I'm interested in the one that controls the tach & speedo. Thanks
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