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  1. Zett, Thanks so much for sharing this information! My mom has an 02 Lexus and the lenses were all but yellow. I tried your suggestions and they both looked brand new! For those of you like me that do not have a buffer, you can get great results by hand. I did learn a couple of things the hard way... First of all, do not use cheese cloth. It's too abrasive. Also, it's not as hard to remove the oxidation as you might think. I tried to improve things by using the cheese cloth and compound, and rubbing in a circular motion. Big mistake.... this scratched the lenses and it took me hours to get them out. The second light went much better. Apply the compound with a damp sponge applicator. No need to rub hard, just moderate pressure, and let the compound do the work. Keep adding compound and keep on wiping. Then dampen the applicator, rub some more. Keep repeating until the compound is gone. This is like moving to finer and finer sandpaper grit. Then, wash them with dish soap to ensure all the compound is gone. Then, apply several coats of paste wax and buff with a soft cloth. Works great! Thanks again Zett! Brian Anderson