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  1. I have the same issue of vibration only when firmly accelerating at highway speeds. 2009 ES350 130K. Bearings are tight, tires OK, alignment OK, brakes OK. I replaced the broken upper motor mount and saw no change. The three lower mounts look visually OK -- motor top moves about an inch or so back and forward shifting P-R-N-D at 1200RPM, and no hard shudder. There is no noise from the outside universals turning in tight circles hard right and hard left, and no movement pushing them up/down. All the boots look perfect, but there is some grease on passenger side near the PS pump that could be ATF. The driver side inside universal has some movement, maybe 2mm when I push it up/down with tire off. Passenger side has less play. I attached a video of passenger side idling with tire off. Is this expected movement of the shaft? I posted on another forum and got "shaft is shot" and "have a shop check". Thanks pass shaft move