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  1. Has anyone had Rats in their engine? We have tried everything we can think of to get rid of them. Power washed the engine, put peppermint oil around the engine. Put rat traps, sonic traps and rat bait in the engine and the garage. Even sticky paper. Every morning we have new !Removed! tracings under the engine cover. I have a beautiful 2008 RX 350. I got it in 2009 and take very good care of it. Wash the inside and out often. It has been a couple months of hell fighting this. Any ideas. My mechanic charged me $130.00 to replace wires one and since they aren’t eating any of the bai
  2. John, Yes I have a 2008 Lexus RX 350. and have been fighting rats in my car for months now. They ate through the wires and that cost me $130.00 to replace wires. We have tried peppermint Oil, electronic waves, rat poison, rat traps and every morning we find new !Removed! under the engine cover, which pops open very easily..The !Removed! is getting smaller so they must have had babies now and refuse to leave my engine to find the traps. We even put a sticky trap on the engine. The urine smell is horrid. We pressure washed the engine and still they haven't left, because we cannot find them!
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