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  1. Used parts in very good condition for my 1994 Lexus SC400 are hard to find. The center AC bezel trim has a crack in the upper left corner. The passenger side AC vent bezel trim also split, not as obvious though. Would a paint & body specialist be able to repair these vent bezel cracks, i.e., fill and apply a black satin finish or maybe there's a SC300/400 NOS site somewhere?
  2. I found a real wood and carbon fiber dash trim, not genuine imitation wood, for my 1994 SC400 (automatic). Problem is that the company doesn't have a kit for the 1992-1994 SC300/400, just the 1995-2000 SC300/400. What would be the difference between the years for interior dash kits? Would only want to do the center console and overhead control panel anyway, Thank you!
  3. Would like to repair or replace the black plastic AC dashboard trim moldings (cracked) on my 1994 SC400, not available new, some Used on ebay, maybe a paint and body shop repair? None of the molded PVC kits fit well around the AC vents. I found a 3D molded wood dash trim for 1995-2000 SC models at BRM (Blue Ribbon Molding) in San Diego; doesn't appear to cover the plastic AC trim though. Maybe a thick vinyl wrap, not many options available for this common Lexus SC problem.