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  1. We pulled a front passenger door from a 2009 IS250 to put on our 2007 IS350. The window motor sounds like it is trying to lower the window but only makes a muffled clicking sound. Any ideas? We tried the battery disconnect reset procedure.
  2. Check to see if your reverse lights are out. The horn shares a fuse with that. Probably not but worth a try. 23 P/I 2 40 P position control system, horn, headlights (low beam), back-up light For a few bucks you could bypass the steering wheel horn and mount a horn button.
  3. Thank you for this post. I was having the exact problem with the 2000 LX470 I bought this morning. After reading your post I checked the tires and added about 20PSI per tire and problem went away. What was remarkable was that i was able to reproduce the problem every single time on an S curve in my neighborhood.
  4. 2000 LX470 I am the second owner Paid $2000 inAustin Tx l have owned it for 45 minutes I bought he car knowing it needs some work. Right front ABS will engage . I am hoping it is only a wheel sensor. Any thoughts? I am 57 years old
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