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  1. I, as many of you, have had no response from Lexus or Toyota regarding the peeling paint on my pearl white 2008 Lexus GX470. I complained to both Toyota and Lexus and given poor reasons, such as I must have been parked in the sun too long. When I take my car to the car wash the paint flies off of the roof, looking like stripes. When I purchased my car from Lexus of New Orleans, new in 2008, I took it back the next day because there was a chip on the front. They said that a rock must have done it driving home from the dealership. There is paint that has come off all over my car and I am embarrassed to drive it, but since I bought it new, thought it might be the last car I bought. I emailed Toyota with my complaints and they said my VIN # was not on any recall list for "safety" issues therefore they could not do anything about it. They had someone from Lexus contact me and said the same thing. I had taken my Lexus to the dealership where I bought it, they took pictures and said they would cover it. Said they would contact me within 2 weeks. I never heard back, so I called and they didn't return my call. I called back and left another message and received a call back from "Spam Alert" on my caller ID, so I didn't answer. He obviously did not want to talk to me person to person and he left a message saying same excuse regarding my VIN # not being on any list. How can I join a "class action" suit or do some sort of arbitration to get something done? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm at the point of parking my car in front of Lexus of New Orleans with signs posted all over it in hopes to get them to respond to my problem. I will never buy another Lexus or Toyota. I am 70 years old and have purchased many cars throughout my life and I have never had a car have this issue. Again, any help from the forum would be helpful.