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  1. good luck getting then to do anything I have been on back order for 10 months they are hoping I will die first
  2. My rims have blistered also, door panels are horrible, the glove box and the console are a mess you can't even touch the doors without sticking to it. I am very disappointed in Lexus.I have had the parts on back order as of April it will be a year. They take crap care of their customers.They think if they wait long enough we will just go away. I want my car fixed or my money back then I will go away.J.M. Parker
  3. I also bought a 2007ls460 the interior is a mess the parts have been back ordered April will be a year no word I took it to Park Place Plano Texas they took pictures now waiting to hear from them they said it might take a couple of months before I hear back that is a crock it took me 5minutes to look on Lexus and it is covered they just don't want to fix it Lexus told dealers not to carry these parts I guess they think we will go away.I am a senior on fixed income it took me a long time to save up for this car I won't go away I will be a thorn in your side count on it I have nothing but time.J.M. Parker