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  1. whats up guys As some of us may know, that the trac off light on the sc400 (1993) usaully comes on when the check engine light comes on.\ my lights usaully don't come on until maybe 10 minutes after I start the car or when I am starting to drive up hills. When the light comes on, I get crazy stutters at around 2000 to 3000 rpm. It would smooth out after 3000rpm and turn normal again. When I turn off the car, everything would turn normal until next time. I just change the 2 o2 sensers on the car and check the ignition coils, they are both fine, now I am suspecting something is loose or a corrupted wire or something. Does anybody know the wiring diagram for the tracktion controll and where it meets the check engine light? B)
  2. my car is a 93 sc400 asn as for frequency all I see is this in the bakc of the remote with the panic button fcc id:hyowdt-c canada 1551 k1420 canada 210
  3. sup guys I just bought a stock lexus remote off ebay 2 days ago for my sc400 can some body teach me how to program the remote? I saw a switch underneath the steering wheel with a key logo on it is that the switch for the remote?
  4. Thanks Dom, How can I find out if the o2 sensers are bad?
  5. whats up guys just bought my 93 sc400 a month ago, recently I have been experiencing slight chokes or hestation at around 20mph becoming more obviouse and obviouse. Last week freaked out when I saw my CAT smoking hot after a 2 hours driving at constant 80s Does anyone else also have this problem? what might have caused this? coil? sensers? I like to start by checking out the plugsmyself but have no knowledge of the car.. How do I get to it, and if I need to change it, what is recommended?
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