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  1. I'm new here, but I just purchased a 2015 RX that just had the 60k service done. It included a trans flush and fill. Evidently it's now part of the 60k service. Sounds reasonable to me.
  2. Porsche recommends changing brake fluid every two years. It absorbs moisture from the air, so mileage isn't really a factor. You can purchase brake fluid testers from Amazon and check it yourself. If you are going to keep the car for an extended period I would change it every two years.
  3. Check with foreign car salvage yards (I'm in the US) in your area. Have you done a Google search? Be specific.
  4. I would trust anything from 3M or Meguires. They have been around for decades, do extensive research, and are highly regarded in the detailing industry. Another blog I subscribe to recommends vacuuming perforated seats shortly after application to remove excess product from holes. Use a wide attachment, or one that doesn't concentrate suction so leather is not stretched.
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