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  1. Welcome Vin,If not mistaken, the (XE) X Package included the same sport tuned suspension as included with the (ST) Sport Package, which lowers vehicle 0.4 inches front and believe keeps the same height in rear as vehicle without the package. Vehicle with the (FK) F Sport suspension option, lowered vehicle .5 inches front and rear I believe. You could install the IS F suspension components. TOKICO manufactures the shocks for the IS F however, part number on OEM installed shocks differ from the TOKICO catalogue I believe; TOKICO (06 - 08 IS250/350): HX3797 - Front Right / HX3798 - F
  2. Try contacting your local dealership first regarding the issue with dash & door trim panels. Dealer may instruct you to contact Lexus corporate first to receive an OK, then contact dealer to have service performed. Lexus Corp.; Phone 1-800-255-3987 Email form: Contact Lexus | Lexus.comContact This is a documented issue and dealership may process under the previous ZLD Warranty Enhancement Program (Phase 1 – Reimbursement / Phase 2 - Part Replacement) - 2007 - 2008 Model Year ES 350, 2003 - 2008 Model Year GX 470, 2006
  3. Great addition to "How To Tutorials". Thanks for posting. Some additional tutorial / part information; Lexus / Toyota part 90430-12031: Engine Oil drain plug crush gasket / washer Motivx MX2320 - Toyota / Lexus 64mm 14 fluted oil filter wrench Aftermarket oil filters; Purolator BOSS Synthetic: PBL25609 Mobile 1: M1C 256 FRAM Ultra Synthetic: XG10158 Royal Purple Synthetic: 20-968
  4. Understand this to be older posting however, thought I'd provide some additional information on 2006 - 2013 IS 350 reverse camera view. While LCD Display screen is ON, place vehicle in REVERSE. When rear camera view is displayed on screen with "Check surroundings for safety" displayed, select DISP button on the left of the LCD screen (below AUDIO and above INFO buttons). When pressed, Color, Contrast, Tone, Brightness will be displayed with factory default settings set. May be able to fine tune each for better camera view. Click OK after any adjustments.
  5. backwoods lex, are you referring to oil filter cartridge as shown below;
  6. Hello, Am contemplating possible purchase of 2012 IS 350. Interested in knowing if there are known items / issues associated with this vehicle to be aware of during walk around / test drive. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.
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