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  1. Although I didn't receive any replies to my request for help on this forum, I'm posting the fix for this problem as it may help others. I replaced the two OCV solenoids, which apparently fixed the problem. Car runs fine and no check engine light. I purchased the OCVs from Amazon. One mounting tab had to be bent to make it fit. I also attempted to replace the OCV mesh filter screens, but ended up only replacing one as it was a PITA to replace. It also looked clean with no sign of sludge or grit build up. he screens are available for O 'Reilly's.
  2. Hi all, I've got a 2002 es300 with about 192.5k miles that set P0018, P0021, and P0300 codes. It's been a trouble free car until recently. In looking up the codes in the woefully inadequate Haynes manual, I read that P0018 is the crankshaft position/camshaft position correlation (bank 2, sensor A), P0021 is the camshaft position A (bank 1), and P0300 is a random misfire. I haven't found much detailed info as to what causes the 0018 and 0021 codes (apparently, there are several possibilities), so am looking for some suggestions. I did read that the a bad VVT oil control valve can result in timing issues, possibly causing these kinds of issues. How about a bad camshaft position sensor and/or crankshaft position sensor? The oil control valves are relatively cheap and hopefully are easy replace so I thought I'd start there. Any suggestions? Thanks!