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  1. That was their advertised "internet" price!
  2. FWIW ... I just purchased a CPO 05 Modern Luxury LS430 with 35,500 miles for $ 29,988.00 in Los Angeles area. This car was discounted from 39K to get it off the lot. In looking for this car several salesmen told me the market for these cars is very soft because people that are buying 30K cars don't want a V8, they want 30+ MPG cars. In my opinion this car that gets 24 MPG on the highway is a small trade off for the superb ride and comforts it offers.
  3. W6RU

    96 Ls400 For Sale

    Pic attached ... I think.
  4. W6RU

    96 Ls400 For Sale

    Very clean 96 LS400, Quartz Silver with Black interior. 115,000 miles with service up to date (has new timing belt). Also new battery, new front brakes, and new Michelin Energy MXV4 plus 235 55 17 tires on 7 spoke Lexus Chrome Wheels. Nakamichi sound with CD changer too! Tinted windows. $ 9500.00 in Bakersfiekd, CA. Please email for telephone number. Thanks, Terry
  5. Wheels are no longer available. Thanks, Terry
  6. I have read that the LS wheels will fit most all the Lexus cars but ONLY LS wheels will fit the LS car. Sorry SK ... was not sure which was propper forum for this post. Terry
  7. I have a set of the 7 spoke 17" LS chrome wheels that have just been chromed and have a brand new set of Michelin 235/55/17 Energy MXM4 Plus tires on them. I decided to go with 18's. $ 1200.00 Terry
  8. I have a set of the 7 spoke 17" LS chrome wheels that have just been chromed and have a brand new set of Michelin Energy MXM4 Plus tires on them. I decided to go with 18's. $ 1200.00 Terry
  9. Mouser Electronics is a GREAT source for all electronic parts .... Terry
  10. I can't believe with all the Ipods and Satellite receivers that nobody makes an adapter! Anybody found or made a adapter to connect such a device IN PLACE OF the audio wiring that connects the glove box CD player to the radio head unit in pre 2001 LS's? I want to try to wire a XM receiver to these audio cables in my 96 LS system .... any help or suggestions? Thanks, Terry
  11. I have a brand new in the box Vais Technology AIC-100X interface unit and XM Commander receiver that I was going to put in a new GX470 but decided not to get the GX. The interface box is designed for a 05 GX with Nav & Lev audio with NO rear entertainment DVD player. $ 300.00 for the pair shipped. US Postal MO payment please. Thanks, Terry
  12. Bliksem and Lexus Trekker.. I thank you both for your comments on the GX versus the LS. My dealer let me take his demo GX for a extended ride .... about 2 hours driving. I took it off road a little and took it out on I5 for about 75 miles. There is a stretch just at the bottom of the Grapevine that has BAD bumps for abnout 10 miles .... that is where I really judge the ride. BTW, this demo GX has the Michelin Cross-Terrain tires on it and I know that helps the ride a bunch .... had gone to those tires on my old pickup and what a ride difference. My LS-430 has the 18 inch Michelin MVX4 tires
  13. Lexus trekker16, I see you own a LS430 and the GX. I have a LS430 and think it is the best ride of all cars. My work vehicle has to have 4 wheel drive for some locations I go to, and for that I have a Tacoma pickup. In trying to find one vehicle to do both jobs I am considering a GX470. I am really interetsed in your opinion of how the GX feels out on the long freeway drive compared to the LS ... how quiet a ride, how smooth is the ride on freeways where you have a joint every 20 feet etc. Going 80 mph feel like 50 as it does in the LS? Thanks Much for any help, Terry PS: I tried to send t
  14. Just found out about this company this weekend. Wonder if anybody has used their product? They provide Bluetooth interface for a lot of cars.
  15. Nakamachi unit definately has less intermodulation distortion and sounds better than the premium system especially at high sound levels. It's like how the Levinson system is much cleaner than the premium system. I would check the auto wrecking yards, especially the one in Northern CA that deals a lot of Lexus parts ... sorry I forget exactly where it is.
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