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  1. What about the refill and drain plug for the rear differential fluid? Is it located somewhere near the rear transmission refill and drain plug?
  2. Can somebody write the procedure to change the transmission fluid on the rx. I was looking for the dip stick today for the transmission but can't find any. Where do you refill the new transmission fluid?
  3. I have a 07 RX400h with 42k and I just noticed that whenever I open/close the air circulation vent, there is a loud motor grinning noise from the passenger dash. The noise used to be very low but it is pretty loud now. Can you guys check to see if your is making this loud noise too? Thanks
  4. I have a rx400h with 40k miles on it and in the last 2-3 oil changes, I have noticed that there are some tiny yellow particles in old oil. It felt like small tiny crushed rocks. Anybody has the same problem?
  5. It would be nice if you can take your time and write a instruction for us to change the fog light in our 400h. I'm been looking forward for this diy project for a long time. Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm thinking about install a basslink into my RX400h. I wonder how do you run the wire from the battery to the basslink? I was looking for the firewall hole in the engine compartment but couldn't find anything. The battery on the RX400h is located on the passenger side and the fuse box is located on the driver side. Do I follow the wire cord on the fuse box or the battery side? Do I need to remove the rubber firewall in order to run the wire through it or just make a hole through the rubber? Once I got the wire through the firewall, where will it be located inside the vehicle? At the bottom of the carpet? Do I need to remove anything in order to see the wire from the firewall inside the car? Once I got the power line hooked up to the basslink, where do I tap it into? The speaker line or the level line of my rear speakers? I don't have to mess with my factory amp since the basslink already got a built in amp right? Thank you
  7. I think the passenger side tilt more than the driver.
  8. im going to replace the rear pad on my gs3 too, how did it goes? how did you take the caliper off, it look a little different fromt he front. any body have pic of how to change it? thanks
  9. my car was having the same noise for a long time, i brought to the dealer 4 times but they didn't identify the problem. i finally fixed it my self, what happened was the cross bar on the roof was loosing real bad and i tight it up and problem went away. hope that the same problem you have
  10. I also got the letter in the mail. I called my dealer today and give them my vin# and they told me there is no recall on this vehicle. Is this means that they will only replace the radiator if it leaks? I want them to replace it so i don't have to worry about it. does any one had it replace even the radiator it's not leaking? thanks
  11. can you guy tell me what kind of tools needed to remove the drain plug? it looks like you need a really long extension bar with you socket to get to the plug because of the access door from the skid plate underneath it.
  12. go to and look under certified pre-owned for model library for details on each year model. good luck
  13. it did happen to me once before and i brought it to the dealer and they reset it. they didn't tell me what happen with it but...good luck
  14. it happen to me twice for my 99' gs300. i had the rotor resurface and it works good after that.