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  1. HI Dave, I meant that the one garage told me they did a brake inspection but they did not, otherwise, they would have seen that I needed rear brake pads. The next garage showed me the mm measurement while the car was lifted. I did, in fact, need the pads. Anyway, I'm keeping the car and I hope I can get three more years out of it.
  2. Steve, No worries. This is actually my 4th opinion. A garage told me two years ago that I needed struts while getting an oil change. I changed jobs across a mountain and started going to a Lexus garage. They told me last year after an oil change and brake inspection that I needed $6K in repairs. Went to another garage for a "2nd" opinion and they said I needed rear brakes. WWWHHHAAATTTT!!! I just had a brake inspection and they didn't say I need new rear pads, but told me I needed $6K in repairs. Never went back to them again, as they now had three strikes 1) after they failed to put all lugs in wheels with new tires and rear wheel nearly fell off going over the mountain home, 2) failed to put oil plug in after oil change and oil leaked all over my garage floor!, 3) didn't do brake inspection that they said they did. Done - never went back to them again. The place I went to for the 2nd opinion... had an appointment for my annual inspection for tag renewal and the lady behind the counter didn't even know about it... couldn't pronounce my last name and greeted me with "Tammy Whatever." I said, "Tammy R would be nice if you can't pronounce it." Come to find out she was the owner (gasp!). Had the inspection, heard one of the guys state that a license plate light was out. Paid and was greeted with a car with a license plate out. WTF? Done with that place. I'm hoping that this new place will be good. As you see, I've not had the best luck with garages. Seems three garages saw dry-rotted boot on strut and said I needed new struts. That's just horrible. I drive mainly on smooth, paved roads, too, but I'm on the occasional gravel road, so I'll try your gluing approach to keep dust or dirt out as best as I can. The car rides smooth. It's a great car! I'm hoping to get three more years out of it. {crossed fingers}
  3. Dave, unbelievable... a new garage looked at the car and said I don't need new struts nor springs - only the plastic boot around the strut has dry-rotted a bit, but the struts are fine and suspension isn't bouncy. He said there's no point to replace a strut just for the boot. WOW!!!
  4. Zieke, one last thing... the garage is telling me to consider replacing everything at once "while they're in there." They said the struts definitely need replacing, as I can see where the plastic bits covering it and inside it are kind of shredded, but the car is not bouncy. It only creaks while cornering. The Options are 1) aftermarket strut assembly for $770 which includes springs and mounts, or 2) OE struts for $1077 which is only struts, or 3) OE struts with springs is $1799. They said the aftermarket option might change the ride, but only 1 person has complained about the after-market item. And they said I might just consider replacing the springs while they're in there... is that really necessary to replace everything just for the sake of "while they're in there?"
  5. Zieke, thank you for your insight. I will heed your advice. Which step did you get for your dog? (My girl is 60 lbs with steel in three of her legs due to orthopedic surgeries)
  6. Thank you, Zieke. You make a great point. I'll just keep mine and make the repairs since it's mechanically sound. But since I have to replace the springs and maybe struts (I'll find out for sure tomorrow), I want to lower it a little - not for performance, but so my dog, who has had three major orthopedic surgeries, can more easily jump into it as she's aging. Might you have any knowledge of lowering an RX330? I really don't like how tall the vehicle is (I'm 5'), but I love everything else, including the ride. Just don't want to mess anything up...
  7. Ricco, did you go with the H&R lowering springs? I need rear struts and was quoted after-market assembly with springs ($770) and OEM struts only ($1700)... boy the OEM is so much more! I was actually considering getting the after-market struts for front and rear and getting the H&R lowering springs. Might you have any thoughts on that plan? And I'm getting new tires in two days (albeit through the Goodyear mileage warranty, so getting 40% off replacement set.) But wondering if the car worth spending $3000 for new struts/springs/tires (well, tires a must!)… it's got 199K miles on it and no major repairs except for $400 in last six months for leaking transaxle cover.
  8. My 2005 RX 330 need rear struts and it has 199K miles on it. The dash is cracked badly and the rear lift gate works only if I force it open. Other than that, it's a great vehicle! No major repairs in the six years I've had it, only regular maintenance based on its schedule. It will need a new timing belt in 15K miles which will be 100K after the first one was replaced. Multiple mechanics have said its a sound vehicle, but I hesitate to put $2K in it with a cracked dash... at least I know what to expect with mine. And I was even thinking about putting lowering springs on it. Do after-market struts really feel different? And wouldn't the lower springs make up for any compromise on the after-market struts? Are they really worth hanging on to until they stop? I'd love it if I could get three more years out of it! decisions, decisions...
  9. I have a 2005 RX330 with 199,000 miles on it. I am replacing the tires in two days (under the Goodyear mileage warranty, so 40% off new set), and I need new rear struts and springs. Multiple mechanics have said it's a great vehicle - solid and in great mechanical condition. It will need a new timing belt in 15,000 miles (100k miles after the first one was replaced), and it hasn't required any major repairs since I've had it for 6 years - just the regular required maintenance. I was quoted after-market strut/springs for $777 and OEM springs/struts for $1770. I somewhat cringe at after-market struts. The dashboard has multiple cracks on it and Lexus won't fix it since the cracks occurred after the recall ended. It's rather unsightly. I'm just wondering if the vehicle is worth putting that money into it or if it's time to get a new one... (I'm considering around a 2009 RX330 AWD). I'd rather keep mine as long as possible, but not sure if I would be better off trading it for another one around $13K - especially with the dashboard cracks (one is a 10' vertical crack on the passenger side). Thoughts, experiences?
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