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  1. Wow that's really nice. I searched for a good 2 months and saw all kinds of things, but never this one. I see they only support up to the 2007 RX models. Event though I have a 2008, they're the same generation and only a year away, so I sent their support a message to see if it might work in my car. Ultimately, I might get this and report back here with my experience.
  2. Can you link me to something regarding the new units you're talking about? This is the first I'm hearing of it.
  3. I have done a brief search before with no hope of finding anything, and I did not find anything. The OEM touchscreen is indeed the worst feature of the entertainment system considering what year we're in. From a technical standpoint, I doubt it would even be possible to upgrade the touchscreen, depending on how their software reads the input, or whether the hardware can be dismantled all the way down to the touchscreen.
  4. Also, since my vehicle had the nav, I didn't like the idea of the stereo replacement being positioned lower. Feared it would make it difficult to tap one or two buttons while driving.
  5. I believe that's one of the units I saw on Crutchfield. I ended up buying the grom unit, because I liked the idea of it running as an independent device/system rather than relying on a phone to be connected. Not sure whether spending about $600 for the grom vline was worth it :(
  6. I want to upgrade the factory stereo of my 2008 Lexus RX400H. I believe it has the navigation package, and no ML Audio. From my research so far, the GROM VL2 Infotainment system looks like what I should get. Seems to pack all the features I need, but I'm curious whether anyone can confirms it actually works with my vehicle.
  7. When the wait is long enough, it does. Or when I start the car in the parking lot, but don't drive off immediately. I've noticed the traction battery briefly kick in from time to time while driving; Assuming I am right when assuming moving arrows from the battery towards the wheels on the energy monitor means the traction battery is helping...
  8. Recently bought a 2008 RX 400H AWD with 185K miles on it. I have no idea whether the hybrid battery has ever been replaced. It's my understanding that the vehicle is sometimes supposed to drive powered by the hybrid battery. When driving downwards on a slope for several minutes, the battery can go from just 2 bars, to around 75%-90%. That seems absurd to me, as if the battery's charge capacity has been entirely diminished so it only stores a fraction of what it originally could. The battery also gets depleted in a similar manner. This does not surprise me, but since I'm averaging 22 mpg, I'm not inclined to get a replacement battery. Oddly enough, driving around until the battery is charged up and then parking it overnight results in diminished charged by morning. For example 80% down to 20%. I am terrified about the hybrid battery possibly failing and shutting down the vehicle while I'm driving at speed on the highway. Are these just standard symptoms when the car is at this age or should I be looking into a replacement? On that note, I'm curious whether the hybrid battery in the newer models work with my old model?