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  1. Hello, I had a bad misfire a couple of months ago, one bank was totally gone, I replaced the ECU caps according to the suggestion by some forum members and the car ran good for a couple of days after that. A few days later, it started to misfire again on cylinder 6 and 8, so I replaced the spark plugs hoping it will go away, and it did for a while, although I always felt that it's not running right, e.g. vibration at idle and speed over 50(which could be a wheel issue, but I don't remember it happened before the incident). Last night it happened again, the code pointed to cylinder 6, but I felt it's more than that, since it was as violent as the first time when the engine lost 4 cylinders. I was suspecting the distributor, I don't know it's condition. The car is a 96 and just past 200k. Please provide any other opinions/ideas on this issue, thanks!